Orisha Yemaya 7 Day Candle

Orisha Yemaya 7 Day Candle

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Yoruba African Orisha Yemaya. Yemaya is the life-giving portion of the ocean and the mother of all Orishas. In many stories, Yemaya gave birth to everything. Her name has multiple spellings (Yemoja, Yemonja,Iemonja, etc.) She dwells in the the area of water near the coasts and around coral reefs and such (most of the open and deep-water ocean is mostly barren and that belongs to a the Orisha, Olokun. Which is the wise crone. The aged woman. On the other hand, Yemaya dwelling at the surface of the ocean represents life and the aspect of motherhood. She is slow  to anger but when she does, watch out, you have a hurricane on your hands. The ocean is known to get violent. Yemaya is a fierce protective mother and will stop at nothing to avenge her children. She will bath in the blood of her enemies. Family is very important to her and she is a protector of children and seeds justice in women's issues. Yemaya is a very wise mother and offers wisdom if she feels you are worthy of it. She loves a clean atmosphere and a lover of classy lavish things. 

Traditional Colors: Blue and white 

Offerings: fish, fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, berries, and coconut especially), white wine, all seafood, lettuce, coffee 

Feast Days: September 7th (Santeria), January 1st, February 2nd (Brazil), Mother’s day  

Areas of Influence: Motherhood, the ocean, fishermen, family issues, pregnancy, women’s issues, children, healing,especially fertility issues  

Symbols: Anything ocean related, especially dolphins, fish, shells, etc., 2 tailed mermaid, 7 silver bracelets, a necklace made with alternating 7 blue and 7 white beads. 

Number: 7 

Gemstones: Pearls, blue topaz, aquamarine, mother of pearl, silver, gold