Orisha Elegua 7 Day Candle

Orisha Elegua 7 Day Candle

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The Yoruba African Orisha Elegua. Often times Called Eshu, He is the messenger and door opener. He stands behind every door so he sees almost everything that goes on. One of his jobs is to make sure offerings get to the right person. He acts as the go-betweens for the rest of the Orishas and humans.  Also know as a trickster, his nature is to make sure we don't get too serious or too self-absorbed. He plays these little tricks and jokes to make us laugh. He’s trying to tell you to lighten up. And some times its to test us. His tricks serve a purpose. He has the power to make you lucky and unlucky as well. He loves children and is a protector of them. Elegua Is a lover of music and said to be highly sexual in nature. You can find him by crossroads, bars, casinos or anywhere people are playing games of chance for money, the internet, music studios, or other communication centers. 

Other names: Legba, Papa Legba 

Symbols: Keys, anything to do with gambling, cards, dice, etc, concrete heads, necklace with red and black beads.  

Offerings: Liquor Rum is his favorite, tobacco, chili peppers, candy, anything hot and spicy. 

Traditional Colors: Red and Black 

Areas of Influence: Messages and all communications, crossroads, doorways physical and spiritual, keys, sex, cemetery gates, children and protection 

Number: 3 

Gemstones: Onyx, Jet, Mahogany Obsidian, Rubies