Orisha Chango 7 Day Candle

Orisha Chango 7 Day Candle

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The Yoruban African Orisha Chango Also Shango, He embodies life energy, lightning and the element of fire. Chango has an absolute taboo against the dead or anything having to do with the dead. This is because he is the life force and therefore avoids death at all cost. He loves music and is the drummer (thunder are the drums of nature) Chango has a temper and when angered will administer quick justice. He fights hard and plays hard. Chango is said to be a ladies man and is a lover of many women. He is very close to his mother Yemaya. So Chango can also be found at the beach. He can also be found near firehouses, especially bars and places with live music, and casinos.  

Traditional Colors: Red and white and gold  

Offerings: Alcohol, chili peppers, hot/spicy foods, tamales, corn bread, okra, tobacco 

Areas of Influence: Life, Virility, Justice, Protection, Magick, The Element of Fire, Lightning and Thunder, Drumming

 Number: 4 or 6 

Gemstones: Fire opals, carnelian , gold, diamonds, lava stone