Large  Angelite (CELESTITE) Tumbled Stone Necklace

Large Angelite (CELESTITE) Tumbled Stone Necklace

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Often called "The Cosmic Lullby'' Celestite is an excellent stone to help remove anxiety and restlessness. This beautiful stone is known to help those with sleep issues. Many use this stone to communicate with the divine or spirit guides. Use this stone to ask for spiritual increases or when wanting to feel more connected to spiritual influences. Its a stone that promotes peace. Celestite is the energy to turn to when disaster strikes, and you need to pick up the pieces. By instilling you with mental clarity, it makes calm, problem solving easier, even during chaotic moments. 

Chakra - Throat Chakra, Crown Chakra  

Element - Water, Air  

Zodiac - Gemini, Libra  

  • Necklace comes on black leather rope 
  • Unique in color variations and size. No two are the same. 
  • Stone 1"-1.25" Long Average 
  • Picture is example only
  • From Peru