50 hour Orisha Ogun Candle

50 hour Orisha Ogun Candle

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The Yoruba African Orisha Ogun. Ogun, is the spirit of metal. He is also known as a warrior, Or the African God of war. Ogun should be called on during times of battle. Many don't know that Ogun is also a healer, because many of the implements of modern medicine are made of metal. He owns many of our modern machines, including automobiles and trains. Ogun is a mechanic and can help you out with car trouble. Family is important to Ogun. He loves his children and will fiercely protect them but he expects a lot from them. He hates laziness in all forms. He can have a terrible temper and can be a mean drunk. Because of the use of metal, Ogun is very much a part of agriculture. He owns the plows to till the soil and the implements of the harvest. Ogun is a put-your-nose-to-the-grind-stone kind of man. He gets along very well with Ellegua and Ochossi. Its often said  that Ogun and Chango do not like each other much. So they should not be paired together.  

Areas of Influence: All metals, war and battle, soldiers, blacksmithing, farming, civilization in general, transportation (automobiles and trains), healing 

Symbols: Machete, sword, farming implements, anvil and hammer 

Offerings: Rum, whiskey (Jack Daniels), beer, gunpowder, tobacco, meat, chili, peppers, hot/spicy foods 

Traditional Colors: Santeria: green and black; Voudou: red and white 

Feast Day: June 29th 

Gemstones: Hemitite, iron pyrite, peridot 

Number: 7