Orisha Obatala 7 Day Candle

Orisha Obatala 7 Day Candle

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Yoruba African Orisha Obatala. Obatala is the father figure of the Orishas. He is also the chief and judge. He is very wise and compassionate. Obatala is married to Yemaya. He is a creator and helped make humans. He holds the head of those with disabilities. Obatala is very much involved with issues of justice and law man-made or karmic. However, you should not ask him to get involved in a legal case if you are guilty unless you are willing to face your punishment. Obatala teaches us to fight for what is right and to take responsibility for what we have done wrong. Obatala does not like offering of alcohol for an offering. You can find Obatala at churches, universities, libraries, state/national parks and forests, the mountains, the military. 

Traditional Colors: White 

Offerings: White bland food (either the meat or the milk of a coconut, potatoes, eggs, rice, mushrooms, milk, water, etc), crushed up egg shells, cotton, snail shells, frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood incense, tobacco

Feast Day: September 24th 

Symbols: Mountains, snail shells, short whip made with white horsehair and cowrie shells, quartz crystals, white rocks, frogs, white animals 

Number: 8 

Areas of Influence: Knowledge, leadership, fatherhood, justice and the legal system, geology, people with special needs, the military 

Gemstones: Crystal Quartz, howlite, chalcedony, lead crystal, diamonds, ivory